Souvenirs from Belle-île-en-Mer

I share here some souvenirs from Belle-île-en-Mer island where I had a singing master class on July with my brilliant teacher Françoise Kubler, soprano of Ensemble Accroche Note and a cello master class with great Christophe Beau, cellist of Ensemble Hélios and Accroche Note. What a wonderful chance to got to know him at last. The weather was cold all of our stay, which was not at all what I was promised to! (After all stories about sunny and warm Belle-île in end of July...) Anyway, as the weather was lousy and rainy, we did some intensive musical work insides. (Below photos of 3 days that it didn't rain.)

The master classes were held at the same time as a the chamber music festival on Belle-île, with the musicians of festival giving the master classes. An Iranian pianist Layla Ramezan, gave the most inspiring recital on Citadelle of Le Palais, where she played music by Iranian composers. 

During the week I practiced the repertoire for my solo concert on late August and got ideas of other musicians on these pieces, which was enriching. The composer Benoît Menut opened my ears for more harmonic listening also in solo pieces which helped me a lot in intonation issues. I also learned of the possibilities of my voice which helped me to have a more homogenous sound with all my ensemble of cello and voice.

Besides of the solo repertory for cello and voice, I had the chance to sing classical repertory that I had practiced along the year in Strasboug, now with great pianists, Mohammad Javad Bahrami, a young pianist from Tehran, Iran and Fanny Cousseau from Paris. With Mohammad Javad I could sing my favourite lied of Mozart, Das Lied Der Trennung and some opera and operetta melodies. In the final concert in Bangor church we performed Mozart's Das Lied Der Trennung and Adele's song, "Mean Herr Marquis" from Johann Strauss operetta Die Fledermaus. I've never sung in front of so many people... It went quite ok: I could have had a little more sound in Mozart, but Strauss was fine for to be a first concert .. I couldn't have done it better for moment. 

My greatest vocal achievement on Belle-île was to be able to trill in cadenzas of Händel! :D I think I learned it! A quite tiny one, but I would still call it a trill! It's definitely not just a large vibrato. (This spring I started to sing some Händel, Mozart and Vivaldi, which required a trill in the cadenzas. And I couldn't do it so I started practice it 5 minutes every day, as tells Joyce Didonato on one of those inspiring master classes for young singers. Well, after one month of daily practise all by myself I still couldn't do it but my teacher Françoise Kubler has a talent to unlock people... with her my trill came quite naturally (I dont know how some teachers make things work easily just with their presence...) So during the week I learned this tiny sort-of-trill of mine just for the cadenzas of my selected pieces.

What a very nice adventure on the singing world this was. And it feels great to take the cello after all that singing. 

C.M. von Weber: Freischütz: Agathe's Cavatine (Prayer). This piece is played for a its beautiful cello solo. There is a nice version of it by Elisabeth Grümmer.

After concert on a beach (yes, the concert was on the beach). It was freezy!

Hortensia blossom

There am I with my dear and always charming Françoise Kubler.

Pianist Mohammad Javad and I