Back to basics | Perusasioiden äärellä

Here I am writing about La Vill'A Illkirch school of arts where I replace my dear friend and cellist Anne-Clémence Kantelberg as a cello teacher for two years. I have a very pleasant pupils and families, very happy know these beautiful persons.
After these three weeks of giving lessons, I've started to appreciate more and more cello pedagogues such as Sheila M. Nelson, Katherine & Hugh Colledge (Stepping Stones & Wagon Wheels for cello beginners), Árpád Pejtsik, Jean-Louis Duport, Sebastian Lee and Louis R. Feuillard for the literature for young cellists. Finnish language methods and repertory have been set aside though but the grasshopper playing cello on his tails is dug out!

Back to the essentials | Perusasioiden äärellä

Violoncello music by Editio Music Budapest alias Grasshopper book. Who still remembers this?

Cello essentials by Louis Feuillard.
The book is in French so Finnish cello children could rarely enjoy this.

Initiation to the instrument | Soitinesittely

Last Thursday, the new hopes of cello music, Raphaël, Matthis and Tim, 5 to 6 years, came to my class to familiarize with the most beautiful instrument of the world. In fact, La Vill'A Illkirch school of music, provides a one year parcourse for young children during which they get to know all musical instruments available in music school. Every week they discover a new instrument, during a 45 minutes, with a specialist. Next week they'll see an other music teacher with a new instrument. This par course is organized in order to present instruments to children and families wishing them to enter on chosen instruments in the end of year.
So on Thursday those three charming little boys had a nice moment with cello. We sung, clapped rhythms, we identified parts of the cello, we listened to cello music. Everyone played cello on his turn while others sung and clapped and I accompanied by the piano. All of the boys had already the concentration required to start the cello classes, they also clapped and sung in rhythm. A very talented trio I'd say, and so cuuuute! I hope in the end of the semester they will remember cello and get enrolled for cello class. I'd be happy to have those boys on my class next year!
Our repertory was "Au clair de la Lune" - a song that children know better than I. I luckily found a sheet here: what a useful website!

Au clair de la Lune | Ranskalainen lastenlaulu

Ballet classes | Balettitunnit

I don't go to La Vill'A just to give lessons but also to take some. That is to say, last week I went for the first time in ballet class and it was lovely! There are some tiny stylistic movements that I still adapt and apply quite naturally in handwork, the fact that reminds of having took ballet classes quite seriously in my childhood. Well, the most important, the feetwork, is a mess. But I'm happy to be able to integrate into a adult group of my level.

Surroundings | Koulun ympäristö

There are some photos around the school. By the autumn, in one month, the flora changed a lot. I love the nature around, the swans, wild ducks and geese and colorful autumn leaves floating on the Ill-river and the scent of fresh autumn air when taking the path to the school.

View 18 September

View 8 October

Ill-river | Ill-joki

There is a bush or a tree that I take on photo every time I pass, because I always find it in different colors. It is the red one on the right side of the river.

I may be sharing some more autumn photos on Instagram.